Individualized Programs

When you enlist our services, we tailor an individual program based upon and suited to your needs.

We draw upon many of the organized skills-based approaches developed and refined by leaders in their respective fields. Over his many years of practice, Dr. Steinberg has trained with world-renowned scientists, therapists and mutlidisciplinary professionals.

Dr. Steinberg personally assesses your needs, recommends strategic approaches and synthesizes the right program or combination suitable for you.

These progam resources include, but not limited to:

  • Fast ForWord
  • The Listening Program -
  • REHABIT (Reitan Evaluation of Hemispheric Abilities and Brain Improvement Training

    by Ralph Reitan, Ph.D., founder of the Halstead-Reitan Neuropsychological Lab, is the author of over 200 books and articles, and has been a leader in neuropsychological research and rehabilitation for over 40 years.

    We use REHABIT (Reitan Evaluation of Hemispheric Abilities and Brain Improvement Training) system to train people in systematic thinking, cause-and-effect reasoning, and the development of perceptual, spatial, linguistic, and comprehension skills. We offer comprehensive remediation in academic skills and deficit-stimulation therapy to address the processing deficits which underlie developmental learning disorders.

    If you would like to learn more about REHABIT, please click here.

  • Winning the Study Game (Study Skills Course) -Informational Brochure
  • Mental Fitness Training (click here for PDF brochure) - Take the Mental Fitness Screening Profile
  • Behavior Management Training
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